Active Imagining is a leadership and change consultancy that uses a range of creative and coaching approaches to support individual, team and organizational growth.  Founded and directed by Dr Elinor Vettraino, Active Imagining works at a variety of levels to support organisational culture and growth by developing individual confidence and competence. 

Our Expertise

Dr Elinor Vettraino is a coach and a creative innovator, leadership development trainer, and learning organisation specialist.  A two-time TEDx speaker, Elinor has over 20 years experience in designing, delivering and evaluating creative learning experiences in a range of business and educational contexts supporting individuals, teams and organisations to grow and develop.

Our Commitment to Results

We are committed to enabling individuals, teams and organisations to achieve their vision and live their values.  Working with us acts as a catalyst for positive and effective change.  Our superpower is that the change you develop with us sticks.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the individual's capacity for change and development, and we value each person's experience and story as core to the change journey.  We believe in the power of collaboration as a tool for learning and working together and we co-create culture change with teams and organisations to support alignment with their vision and values. 

Our Experience

We have designed and delivered leadership and cultural change programmes to large corporations and small start-ups.  Our coaching programmes offer individual and team support to emerging and established leaders, to executive and senior executive teams, and to individual entrepreneurs.

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Examples of our work

We have designed, delivered and evaluated a range of bespoke training and development programmes focused on leadership and cultural change in diverse settings.  We pride ourselves on cultivating relationships with individuals, in organizations and teams that enable collaboration and growth and we do this through individual and team coaching, appreciative inquiry, creative thinking and cultural change work.

Action Learning for Senior Leaders

Peer Networks project in collaboration with Skills Reach - Nov 2020-Mar 2021

The Peer Networks project engaged senior leaders and CEOs of rural and community enterprises around Lincolnshire in collaborative learning.  This fully virtual programme was designed, facilitated and evaluated by Active Imagining, in collaboration with SkillsReach.  The Peer Network project focused on using Action Learning Set processes to enable business collaboration based on the expertise of those participating rather than a 'sage on the stage' approach.  1-1 coaching was part of this unique project and the impact on the individuals and their organisations was evident in their feedback for the programme.

"Great opportunities to share learning and knowledge with others and soak up ideas from new people." - Senior Manager, Magna Vitae

"I have gained closer connections to local businesses.  The 1-1s challenged my thinking in a positive way." - Operations Director, Northcore Europe

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Team Mastery - Coaching Training

International team coaching for professionals and practitioners

Since 2015, Active Imaging has been collaborating with Akatemia to offer Team Mastery; the only team coaching training programme in the UK based on the principles and methods of the Team Academy programmes for entrepreneurship education.    Across the UK more than 80 educators, business owners and coaching practitioners have been through the training which enables individuals not only to gain a rich and working understanding of how to team coach, but also how to connect with the entrepreneurial mindset linked to this model of team coaching.

"I was looking for something truly different to push me, and hone my ability as a coach.  Since completing Team Mastery its coaching philosophy has become the central component of the work I do and has transformed my approach to team-working and leadership." - Associate Dean, Aston University

Cultural Change in Education

Leadership change project in a Scottish Regional College - Mar-July 2017

The culture of an organisation is based on the values, beliefs, stories of the people who live in it.  Changing an organisation's culture therefore requires a model of co-creation with those involved in order for it to 'stick'.  The cultural change project in this large college began with the exploration of a vision and values with the senior leaders, to identify what was shared, evident and also what was hidden.  This 6 month programme supported the development of a cultural shift that had a coaching approach to working with others at its core.  Supported by psychometric profiling, the organisation took the good to great (Collins, 2001) concept and began to cultivate a space in which all individuals in the organisation to begin to embrace that journey.

"Insightful and challenging which was what we needed to get us going in the right direction!" - Head of People and OD, D&A College"