What we do

Active Imagining offers a range of services tailored to you and your team or organisational needs.  Talk to us about designing a session or programme of sessions that are fit for your purpose.

Culture and learning organisation development

The journey to cultural change is different for every organisation.  Active Imagining draws on learning organisation principles (Senge, 1990), individual, team and leadership diagnostics, storytelling and appreciative inquiry to create culture labs that enable organisations to learn and co-create cultural change that sticks.

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Coaching - executive, individual, and teams

Our approach to coaching individuals and teams at any level is designed to support you to build and lead coaching cultures within your organisation.  We support you to develop your coaching competence and confidence, which in turn will build your resilience and ability to bring thought leadership into your work with others.

Leadership labs - leading self and others

Successful leadership of others begins with the ability to lead yourself.  Our leadership labs start with a diagnostic of your self-leadership, using a range of tools such as Quest Profiler, to support you do create a meaningful map of your leadership style and approach.  With teams we focus on followership as much as leadership, to identify emerging leaders as well as opportunities for collaborative and distributed leadership.

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Team cohesion and effectiveness

"All teams are groups but not all groups are teams" (Thornton, 2016)  Real teams share leadership and care about the growth and development of each individual in the team.  We build collaborative strength in your team through a focus on team dynamics, understanding the psychology of individual and team behaviours, engaging your stakeholders, and supportive programmes to enhance engagement and performance.

Personal insights - profiling tools

Profiling tools are often used as part of recruitment processes.  When properly applied and utilized they can be of great benefit to participants.  Active Imagining uses two particular models; Belbin team roles profiling tool which is a behavioural diagnostic, and Quest Profiler which is a psychometric diagnostic.  Both enable individuals and teams to identify key characteristics, preferred approaches to working and can result in increased understanding and greater engagement and effectiveness in performance.

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